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Those Who Jump heads to The 58th Nordic Film Days Lübeck​!

The three film directors Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner and Abou Bakar Sidibe are heading to Nordic Film Days Lübeck (Nov. 2-6) to present their new film Those Who Jump and give a master-class for the young film professionals.


Those Who Jump (orig. Les Sauteurs) takes place in northern Morocco, the Spanish enclave of Melilla: Europe on African Land. On the mountain above, live over a thousand hopeful African migrants, watching the fence separating Morocco from Spain. Abou, from Mali, is one of them – the protagonist in front of the camera, as well as the person behind it. For over a year, he has ceaselessly attempted to jump the fence and overcome the razor-wire, automatic pepper spray and brutal authorities. After every failed attempt, they return to Mount Gurugú, scouring for food in the nearby villages, trying to uphold some sort of order in the camp and build up their confidence again. Some give up and return home, while others never return. Through the lens, Abou gradually finds expression and meaning in his situation. "When filming I feel that I exist". But, after 16 months on the mountain, Abou comes close to a tragic accident. Returning to Mali is not an option and he becomes more determined than ever to pursue his dream of a better life in Europe.

Since it's release in 2016, Those Who Jump had a very successful festival tour and gained awards at Berlinale Forum,  Documenta Madrid, Dok Fest Munchen, Docs against gravity, Lichter Film Festival and Salina Film Festival. It has also been shown at Hong Kong International Film Festival documentary competition, True False Film Festival, Crossing Europe documentary competition and Docaviv.


The three film directors will present their movie and hold and Q&A on:

Nov. 3, 7:45 p.m., CineStar 6, Mühlenbrücke 7 

Nov. 4, 9:30 a.m., Koki, Mengstr. 35

After the second screening, they will meet with young Nordic filmmakers and bloggers and give a masterclass.


Moritz Siebert was born in Stuttgart. He has been working on the subject of migration for the last 15 years, inspired by the manifold stories of people on their search for a new home. At the same time his interest also lies observing the receiving societies’ handling of migration, which provides a great insight into the self-perception and level of openness of these societies.

Originally trained in Berlin as a medical doctor and cultural anthropologist, Moritz studied documentary filmmaking (together with Estephan Wagner) at the National Film and Television School in the UK. His award-winning films include Long Distance (2009), My Name is Karl (2008, nominated best UK documentary short at Britdocs, Oxford) and Belgrade Backspin (2005, co-directed with Anne Misselwitz, best documentary at Palace Film Festival Balchik).


Estephan Wagner is Chilean and German. Those Who Jump is Estpehan’s feature debut. He has worked as documentary director for over a decade, always approaching his themes from the point of view of his protagonists.

Estephan was originally trained as an editor in Germany and his edited work has won several international prices including at the Berlinale. He has edited both independent films and documentaries, and television at several international broadcasters (ARTE, ARD, BBC, DR). 

He later made his MA in documentary direction (together with Moritz Siebert) at the National Film and Television School in the UK.The films he directed have been both successful on the international festival circuit (playing at over 90 festivals and winning 17 prizes), as well as being broadcast on several European channels (DR, Channel 4, SVT, TRT, Channel 1 Russia, a.o.).


Co-director Abou Bakar Sidibé was born in Kidal, Mali. 

He owns a University degree in English and has worked as a teacher, a cell phone seller, a construction worker or a cash carrier between Western Union offices in the Moroccan village and people on Mount Gurugú. 

Those Who Jump is Abou's first film.


About the festival - Nordic Film Days Lübeck is the largest platform outside of Scandinavia for current films from the Nordic countries, the Baltic region and northern Germany. For it's 58th edition, the festival has prepared its most extensive programme to date - with a total of 185 films!


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