Thu, 11/10/2016 - 12:18 | Festivals
Maiko - Dancing Child heads to meet young audience in Oulu

During the darkest period of the year the Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival (nov.13-20) in the northern Finland, brings light to the children and teenagers with another Eye to Eye title - Maiko - Dancing Child.

Screenings will take place:

Tue 15.11. at 18.45 Plaza 5, Oulu
Thu 17.11. at 13.00 Valve Main Hall, Oulu
Sun 20.11. at 16.00 Studio, Oulu

About the film: Maiko's destiny was decided before she was born. Her name Maiko means dancing child. Her mother, the driving force behind her career, sold their house and car to send 14 year old Maiko to the most prestigious dancing schools in Europe. She knew she couldn't return to Japan as a failure. Today Maiko is 32 on top of her career as a prima ballerina at the Norwegian National Ballet. Maiko is not a young dancer anymore and talented newcomers are longing for her position. Competition is getting tougher when Maiko decides to start a family...
We follow Maiko at a breaking point in her life, where she is forced to make decisions that might jeopardize everything she has worked for.

In the last two years, Maiko has traveled to a number of festivals with IDFA 2015, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2016, Sarajevo Film Festival 2015, LA Film Festival 2015 competition, Duhok Film Festival 2015, Cinematik Piestany 2015, IDFF Flahertiana 2016, DocumentaQro 2016 only a few among them.


About the festival: The Oulu International Children's and Youth Film festival has established itself as a premier showcase for the high-profile Nordic and international children's and youth cinema. It was founded in 1982 as the first of its kind in Northern Europe. The festival gathers 30 000 young and adult viewers from the region and is the most anticipated happening in Oulu before Christmas.