A huge supermarket is the only meeting point for 14-year old Julian and his newly met friends. Fresh emotions of brotherhood, a!ection and thrill encourage their wish to break out of suburban boredom. One night, Julian and his pal Marko break into the supermarket full of promising products. A moment of childish freedom ends abruptly in a moment of harsh grown-up reality.
A story inspired by true events.

Original title: Einer von uns
Theme(s): Friendship, Freedom, Growing up
Produced by: Arash T Riahi and Karin C.Berger // GOLDEN GIRLS
About director
  • Stephan Richter

    Stephan Richter was born in Dresden and studied Media Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He graduated in 2007 and therefore shot his !rst experimental short !lm “Out of Bounds” as a diploma thesis. The movie was shown at several international film festivals. Since then he has been working as a media artist, script writer and director in Vienna. After several music videos and experimental shorts, Stephan Richter received the STARTER AWARD FOR FILM ART (Austrian Ministry of Culture and Arts) and started to work on his first feature film ONE OF US. In 2013 ONE OF US was part of the EKRAN training programme in Warsaw (Wajda Film School) and was also nominated for the “Project Pitch Award” at the “Kino der Kunst Festival” (Cinema of Art Festival) in Munich.

Festival(s) & Award(s)
  • Festival de San Sebastian (2015) New Directors Competition
  • Berlinale (2015) Perspektive Deutsches Kino
  • Zurich Film Festival (2015) Official competition
  • Max Ophuls Prize Film Festival (2016) Best Feature Film